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Unforgettable Experiences at the Calgary Stampede: Alberta's Iconic Tourist Attraction

The Calgary Stampede is a world renowned event that has been drawing crowds from around the globe for over a century. The event is held in Calgary, Alberta, and offers an unforgettable experience for its visitors. From the iconic rodeo competition to the iconic pancake breakfast, the Calgary Stampede has something for everyone.


The rodeo is the highlight of the Stampede and showcases the world’s best cowboys and cowgirls competing in events such as bull riding, barrel racing, and bronc riding. There is also a variety of other rodeo-related activities, including calf-roping and mutton busting. Rodeo fans can also watch the world-renowned Calgary Stampede Show which features over 30 different performances, including trick riding, bull riding, and other exciting events.

The Calgary Stampede also offers plenty of family-friendly activities, such as the iconic pancake breakfast, which takes place every morning on the grounds. This event features a variety of delicious, locally-sourced breakfasts, including pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage. The breakfast is served on wooden tables, making it an ideal way to start the day.

Other activities include the carnival, which features over 40 different rides, games, and attractions; the agricultural fair, which showcases the province’s best animals, produce, and crafts; and the nightly Grandstand Show, which features live music, fireworks, and other exciting performances.

The Calgary Stampede is an event that creates unforgettable experiences for its visitors. Whether it’s watching the world’s best cowboys and cowgirls compete in the rodeo, enjoying a delicious pancake breakfast, or taking in the sights and sounds of the carnival and grandstand show, the Calgary Stampede is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Highlights of Calgary Stampede

  1. Rodeo: The highlight of the Calgary Stampede is the world-famous rodeo. This event showcases top-level rodeo talent from around the world as they compete in events like bull riding, barrel racing, team roping, and more.
  2. Grandstand Show: Another highlight of the Stampede is the nightly Grandstand Show, which features a variety of entertainment including live music, stunt riders, trick ropers, and more.
  3. Midway: The Midway is a huge attraction at the Stampede, with a variety of carnival rides, games, and food stands.
  4. Indian Village: The Indian Village is a unique experience at the Stampede, featuring traditional dances, art, and craft demonstrations from Indigenous cultures in Alberta.
  5. Chuckwagon Races: The Chuckwagon Races are a fan favourite, featuring a thrilling race between teams of horses and wagons.
  6. Pancake Breakfasts: The Calgary Stampede also hosts many free pancake breakfasts throughout the city during the festival.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Calgary Stampede Tourist Attractions

Admission to the Calgary Stampede itself is free of charge. However, there are fees for some of the attractions within the park including the Grandstand Show, amusement rides, and chuckwagon races. Admission to the Grandstand Show is $22 - $30 for adults and $10 - $15 for children, depending on the day and event. Amusement rides range from $2 - $5 per ride. Admission to the chuckwagon races is $15 - $20 for adults and $10 - $12 for children.

Calgary Stampede Attraction Packages

The Calgary Stampede offers a variety of attraction packages to enhance your experience. 

  1. Stampede Park Pass: The Park Pass gives you access to all of the attractions and rides at the Calgary Stampede. This includes the Grandstand Show, the rodeo, chuckwagon races, the midway, and more. 
  2. Rodeo Package: The Rodeo Package includes tickets to the rodeo, the chuckwagon races, the Grandstand Show, and the rodeo after-party. The package also includes access to a private VIP area with food and drinks. 
  3. Grandstand Show Package: The Grandstand Show Package includes tickets to the Grandstand Show and access to a private VIP area with food and drinks. 
  4. Chuckwagon Races Package: The Chuckwagon Races Package includes tickets to the chuckwagon races, the Grandstand Show, and the rodeo after-party. The package also includes access to a private VIP area with food and drinks. 
  5. Midway Package: The Midway Package includes tickets to all of the attractions at the midway. This includes rides, games, and food. 
  6. Ultimate Stampede Package: The Ultimate Stampede Package includes tickets to the rodeo, the chuckwagon races, the Grandstand Show, the rodeo after-party, and all of the attractions at the midway. The package also includes access to a private VIP area with food and drinks.

Calgary Stampede Tourist Attractions Locations and Routes

  1. Calgary Stampede Grounds: The iconic Calgary Stampede Grounds is the epicenter of all the Stampede events and activities. Located in the heart of Calgary, it is a great place to learn about western culture, enjoy rodeo events, and explore the many food and shopping options.
  2. Calgary Tower: The Calgary Tower is an iconic landmark of Calgary that offers stunning views of the city. Take a ride up the observation deck to get a bird’s eye view of Calgary.
  3. Heritage Park: Heritage Park is a living history museum with many attractions, including a steam train, paddleboat rides, and a wildlife walk. It’s a great place to explore Alberta’s history and culture.
  4. Olympic Plaza: Olympic Plaza is a public square in downtown Calgary. During the Stampede, the plaza hosts a variety of events, including concerts and a rodeo parade.
  5. Fort Calgary: Fort Calgary is a National Historic Site that offers visitors a chance to learn about the city’s past. Take a guided tour to explore the fort’s history and experience the life of early settlers.
  6. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary: The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a great place to learn about the area’s local wildlife. Take a guided tour and explore the sanctuary’s walking paths and watch for birds.
  7. Calgary Zoo: The Calgary Zoo is home to more than 1,000 different species of animals. Explore the many exhibits, take a guided tour, and learn about the world’s wildlife.
  8. Stephen Avenue: Stephen Avenue is a pedestrian mall in downtown Calgary, offering a variety of shopping and dining options. During the Stampede, it is host to numerous events, including concerts and parades.
  9. Prince’s Island Park: Prince’s Island Park is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Take a stroll along the banks of the Bow River and enjoy the scenery.
  10. Fish Creek Provincial Park: Fish Creek Provincial Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the park’s trails and take in the scenery of the Bow Valley.

Experience of Visiting Calgary Stampede Tourist Attractions

My experience visiting Calgary Stampede tourist attractions was truly amazing! The city is full of vibrant energy and the people are so friendly and welcoming. I especially enjoyed the rides, the food, and the cultural presentations. I was particularly impressed by the unique and fun activities that the Stampede offers, such as the rodeo and chuckwagon races. The atmosphere is so inviting and festive; I felt like I was part of the celebration. I would highly recommend visiting the Stampede to anyone looking for an exciting experience.

Travel Tips at Calgary Stampede Tourist Attractions

  1. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes and prepare for all types of weather. The Calgary Stampede is a ten-day annual event and the weather can range from hot and sunny to cold and rainy.
  2. Plan your visit in advance. Research the attractions, events, and activities you would like to experience during your visit.
  3. Bring cash and credit cards. Some vendors and rides may not accept debit or credit cards.
  4. Wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin from the sun.
  5. Bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of pickpockets and watch your belongings.
  7. Consider taking public transportation to the Calgary Stampede grounds.
  8. Check out the free entertainment options such as the Indian Village, the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show, and the Midway.
  9. Be aware of the Calgary Stampede’s rules and regulations.
  10. Have fun and enjoy the Calgary Stampede experience!